What’s up Steezers! I’m Myeshia, and welcome to my style blog!

Steeze365, which is short for: “styling with ease 365 days a year”, was created with women of color in mind. I noticed the disparity of women of color’s styles, body types and even hair not being celebrated or publicized, so I wanted to give those women, like myself, a voice and a platform. With the fly girl in mind, Steeze365 focuses on the street and chic styles of women of color, while building confidence through easy and everyday styling. Since style itself can be so versatile, Steeze365 wants to focus on the unique aspects of styles that make women who they are!

Growing up as young black girl in south Louisiana, I was always told what was not pretty about my skin tone, body type, hair, etc. There are still young women growing up being told this, so this style blog is for them. Through style, I want to give them that outlet and boost of confidence to be unapologetically themselves and be comfortable in their colorful skin. I hope to teach, inspire, motivate and even learn from those women dealing with that type of negativity and mold that into something powerful.

I hope to see you on this journey of self love, empowerment, acceptance, and most of all, the appreciation of style.

Stay tuned for more, and I can’t wait to connect! Thanks for reading!


Myeshia C.