Happy Halloween you beautiful Steezers out there! *cues music and sings * “Do you know what today isss? It’s my blogiversary!!” Yes, today is the day that Steeze365 was launched last year! If you’ve been with me that long then you remember my first ever blog post, “Halloween For The Gals”. It was my signature, my official coming out and letting the world know! It has been such a crazy, educational and just eyeopening year, and I want to share my experience with you as a first time blogger: the good, the blogging woes, and the in between. Lol! SO grab some popcorn and allow Little Red Writing Hood to fill you in…

The Good

I would have to say that two of the most rewarding things that I have gained as a blogger this past year, are a surmountable amount of courage and confidence! From Freeing the Nipple, to calling white supremacists out on their bullcrap, starting this blog has allowed me the platform and opportunity to speak my mind candidly without giving two damns about who doesn’t like it or why. For a while, after college, I felt like my voice was silenced, that venting on social media wasn’t enough, that Twitter didn’t allow enough characters for me to vent my true frustration. There was an outspoken part of my identity missing, and Steeze365 helped me to find that. It also helped me to connect with other people, people like yourself who’s reading this, and other likeminded women who have dealt with insecurities or confidence issues to help them out of it. I started Steeze365 with the “fly girl” in mind, or even the potential  fly girl to promote her to be great unapologetically and look stylish while doing so! I wanted and still want Steeze365 to be that household name that women of color trust to tell our stories the right way, to showcase us in a positive light while also uplifting us, and to think about all of us and our unique skin tones the FIRST time when launching a new product or brand!

It also helped me to realize some things about myself, my strengths and opportunities and how I could work on them to become a better me.

The Blogging Woes 

Starting my own style blog has humbled me sooo much! I cant emphasize it enough. I had this pre-claimed notion that I would hit the ground running, gain tens of thousands of subscribers in 1 year, get brand partnerships and turn this thing into a full on lucrative business!! Imagine my disappointment a year later still working for the job that I had planned for blogging to be my meal ticket out of. Blogging is the most unpredictable, time consuming, strategic and insincere task/hobby that I’ve ever taken on. There were many days throughout the year where I became discouraged or unfocused, or just too lazy to keep going. Giving up would’ve been sooo much easier to deal with, so I thought; however, fortunately when it comes to your passion and your goals, giving up is never an option. So, I had to swallow my pride and frustration to keep it moving. Because it’s so competitive and new bloggers are popping up everyday, I never wanted to ever be forgotten and giving up would have made that all too easy. Now, there were moments throughout the year that I’ve had to take a month or a couple of weeks off to get myself together. Yet, each time, came with a sense of regret that I was letting myself and my passion down, which was totally out of the question.

Then, of course, comes the unpredictability of it all. I can literally sit here and pour my heart and soul into this post, and only ten people decide to read it. Talk about humbling your ego. Not to mention that blog posts take time and effort, and the narrator can only pray that more than ten people read it. It comes with the pressure of staying relevant as well. In the “now a days” of social media influence, followers expect to see you everyday or at least 4-5 times a week just so you can stay relevant to them. While this may seem easy to some, for most of us first time bloggers with full-time jobs and maybe a home life, it’s just not that realistic. Then comes the pressure of creating bomb and consistent content. I would admittedly say that blogging isn’t for everyone, as I thought for a moment that “maybe it just isn’t for me” as well. However, one of the great things about anything that’s worth having is that it is worth working for, being patient for, and figuring out how to become better in it each day. So, even with the first year woes, I still wouldn’t trade it for anything because I believe it was all necessary to get Steeze365 to where it needs to be.

The In Between

I labeled this “the in between” because that’s exactly what it is. It’s like that meeting point of blogging between the good and the woes that lets you know if this is definitely for you or if you should just find another hobby. I think the meeting point in my experience that told me to keep going was me realizing that I want to create a thriving brand out of this. It helped me to realize that all of the woes were learning opportunities on how I could be a better blogger, could work on my personal and work brand, and what more is needed from myself to get the results I want to see with this style blog. It’s like having an epiphany and realizing everything that you were doing wrong to begin with. There is so much more that Steeze365 needs to do to become that brand I want it to be and so many more obstacles to overcome and milestones to achieve! If I gave up now after making it this far, it would have all been for nothing. I still have to reach those tens of thousands of subscribers, heck, I still have to reach 100! I still have to secure brand partnerships and figure out how to make this thing lucrative! Most of all, I still have to connect with my niche of women who need/want a brand like Steeze365 to have an influence over their lives, and those are the goals that I’ll be working on over the course of the next year. I just ask that you all come on this journey with me for another year, heck bring some friends along with you because this next year Steeze365 will thrive!!

Many Thanks to All of My Readers 😘

As always, its such a pleasure to connect with each and every last one of you! Thank you for your constant words of encouragement and for reading what little ol me has to say. If not for that, I probably would have been given up. Leave your comments below, like and share. Don’t forget to tell Steeze “Happy 1 year blogaverssary” in the comments below.

Until next time,


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