5 Ways To Continuously Slay in 2017: Pt. 1 Self Care

Happy 2017 Steezers! Yes, OMG! It’s 2017! Thank goodness. I think we can all agree that we wanted to leave 2016 in the past and never revisit that year! Considering all that happened, (so many deaths, Trump’s win), I can definitely say that 2016 was a year of realization. Now that we are a week through 2017, in this two part series on “How to Continuously Slay in 2017”, I wanted the first to be about taking care of self. This post will be a little lengthy, but bare with me. I think I’m on to something! 

I believe the last couple of months of  2016 showed me just how important self care truly is. So instead of coming into the new year and posting away, I took a week to do some serious reflection and find out what self care truly meant to me. Of course, since we are “building confidence through easy and everyday styling”, a part of your Steeze should be about your well being mentally and physically. Without further adieu, lets get into the five ways I plan on making sure that I continuously slay this year: 

  1. Letting go: I didn’t realize just how important those two words were. Dealing with recent death in my family, the heartbreak of a breakup, and trump’s win. I realized that I found solace in letting go and moving on, while also looking forward to better times. Don’t stress over what you can’t control this year!
  2. Taking risks: If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I came into 2017 with a bang! A style bang that is, and literally stepped outside of my style comfort zone. I wanted to challenge myself to not ever be put in a box and to continuously break down societal barriers of what a woman should look like. So, I did and it felt awesomely liberating! 
  3. Slay for yourself: in 2016, I saw so many people get caught up in what others thought of them, their style or what they did. Don’t be that person! Whether you decide to do a drastic cut on your hair for the first time, or wear a style that is revealing, do it for you and you only! As you can see with the photos on the blog today, it’s all about putting yourself out there, being bold and confident enough to not care about others opinions of you! 
  4. Revamp yourself: don’t get trapped in the same old boring pattern(s) this year! Continuously find ways to revamp your way of thinking and style. This is so important, because sometimes we become robotic or content in the way things already are. This year, find the more free and creative side of you and let it flourish! 
  5. Support othersA big part of self care is assuring that you’re surrounding yourself with positive people, who are also supportive of your goals and who want to see the best for you! Be sure that you reciprocate. Give compliments, ask about their well being, be actively involved in helping others achieve their goals, as well as, your own! What better way to slay the new year than winning with your friends too? Yass to 2017 #FriendGoals! 

As always, it’s such a pleasure speaking with each of you. I’m so happy that we made it into the new year together! Stay tuned for the second half of this two part series in video form! Leave a comment below letting me know how you plan to “Continuously Slay in 2017”!

Until next time,


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