Charlottesville and “White Allies”

What’s up you beautiful Steezers out there? I know you all have been listening and paying attention to the turmoil/uproar that is America right now. Since the mini version of a race war (because we are not going to use nice words to describe this foolery) in Charlottesville, VA, that occurred on this past Saturday, I’ve been trying to deal with the emotional distress and outright annoyance of it all. The reality, and hard truth about it all is that if you have been on the opposing team (opposition to the new administration) the whole time, a minority in this country and understood what the whole election was built on, you definitely saw Charlottesville happening way before it did. All you had to do was pay attention. Charlottesville, as this GQ article so eloquently puts is, “is the America Trump promised.” However, it is not the America that Trump created, contrary to white lies and popular propaganda, America was and always has been racist as hell before the new administration set foot into office.

“Oh so Myeshia, you mean to tell me that alt-right groups, Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and terrorists groups existed in America before August 2017?”


Chile, they existed before we were even born and guess what, they are not those immigrants who the administration was trying to build a wall to keep out of America, or the ones he placed a “travel ban” to limit their entrance into this already fucked up country. No, they are the ones who live amongst us everyday, who sit at our jobs smiling at us in the coffee break room but talking shit as soon as we turn to leave, the ones who are raising kids who go to school with our very colorful kids and learn to hate them.  Yes, the 100% privileged white Americans. Let that sink in a bit, because I know its a hard pill to swallow. Especially, for those of us of color who like to appeal to white emotions and “teach” them that we too are human. I’ll reclaim my time on that one like I’ve been doing so casually lately, as I am not in the business of teaching common sense that should be common.

For those of us who want to induct these potential “white allies” into the understanding of our oppression, because we “think” that they were at the forefront of the march in Virginia at our expense, let me be the one to tell you that, baby that wasn’t about you!


The truth is that those white supremacists brought turmoil to the very quiet (as the media constantly puts it) college and very white residential town of Charlosteville, VA, and other “non-racists” didn’t want any part of that. So, in the name of liberty and equality as they claim, they showed up as the opposing side.

But, lets be clear about a couple of things: 1. If what happened in Charlottesville, VA happened in say, a very black populated area like Virginia Beach, we wouldn’t see such uproar in the media as we do now, and not one of those “fight the power” whites would have even been in sight. That would have been OUR fight to battle, as every other “Black Lives Matter” or minority protest is.2. If they were truly allies, then they definitely would’ve showed up way before it made it to Charlottesville, as there were clearly so many times for them to (Alton Sterling, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, etc). But, for long they watched and hid behind their privilege and stayed idle on a moving train until the sore of racism festered and burst into what Charlottesville is today. 3. Lastly, but certainly not least and what is so key about it all, is that if 32 year old Heather Heyer (may her soul rest in peace and her family find solace) didn’t become a victim of this perpetuated hate, if she was a black woman and one of our own was a victim instead, the Republican Party would have never intervened as much as they are doing and the narrative would’ve been that of another “Black Lives Matter” rally that went wrong.


I said all of that to say, when choosing who to invite to the family barbecue next summer and what “allies” you need to leave stuck in their privilege, consider those points made above, but also consider what fraction of their privilege are your white allies willing to give up in order to see you and your people advance economically and financially. How much are they willing to sacrifice to where they are no longer the majority, and we see true equality? Because, to be clear, that is exactly what the rally was about, protecting white privilege. It’s all cool and gravy, and makes good TV when they are at the forefront of a “Unite the Right” rally fighting other white idiots holding swatstika signs that they clearly don’t understand how anti-American they really are. Stopping them from calling us “niggers” or anti-semitic rhetoric won’t put an end to racism.

True racism is when we walk into our neighborhoods and see created ghettos and limited resources for the advancement of our people, yet the suburbs is flourishing. It’s going into our low income schools and seeing our kids be required to take the same standardized tests to get into college that their kids are, but with little to no preparation tools. It’s truly working in corporate America, and realizing that I have to work 10 times harder than my white male counterpart to even be considered half as good or to get paid a fraction of what he does yearly. It’s institutionalized racism at its core.

If your “white allies” aren’t willing to ride for you by dispelling their privilege and truly fight for your equality, then I’m sorry to tell you but, ya’ll aint friends like you think ya’ll are.


Anyways, if you made it to the end of this very lengthy, yet needed to be said blog post, I thank you so much for your time. Please share with friends if it even sparked some type of emotion in you, and lets continue to rise up against the bullshit. We are no longer in our grandparents time, and racist White America will either get with the program or catch this fade, or for now, this good read!

As always, its a pleasure!

Until next time,



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