How To Style Autumn/Winter Florals

Hello you beautiful Steezers out there! Have you started to feel the Fall weather in your area yet? I can honestly say that I thought that Fall wasn’t going to really show up in Oklahoma until mid November; however, the leaves have start to hit the ground and the morning breeze is well, breezy to say the least. Yep! summer is finally over…*sigh*

But, don’t fret yet. Just because summer is gone, doesn’t mean that summer style patterns have to leave along with it. On today’s post, I am discussing styling your Fall/Winter florals. So, if you’re a boohoo chic kind of gal or just love flowers, then this blog post is just for you!


What I love so much about this trend is that it is so versatile in the way you style it. You can style a floral moody toned dress with some nice thigh high boots, or wear a cozy pant suit like the one I’m wearing in this blog post. Yes, you’ve seen the blazer styled in a previous blog post (Fall Transition Outfit Idea), but hey, that’s the beauty of fashion and style, switching it up! With this look, less is definitely more. You don’t want to overstate the florals with other elaborate pattens, instead, opt for a solid yet bold colored purse or shoes like the red bag and shoes in the photos, or even a solid colored trench coat. Red is also the color of the season, which will be styled in a totally different blog post. Whether you’re going for dusty pink or moody purple florals, you can’t go wrong in one of the hottest trends of the season. See other looks you can try with this trend below, and let me know how you plan to style your florals.

See more of this trend at Vougue UK’s, “Floral Trend Guide Autumn/Winter 2017” and get a dose of some fabulous yet edgy styles!


Thank you so much for reading! Until next time..


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