In My Lens: Homecoming Edition

One of the best parts about Homecoming was linking up with my day 1s, meeting new/awesome people and capturing their styles “In My Lens”. See photos below: 

Latrista, Asia & Meagan
Latrista, Asia & Meagan

Speaking of Day 1s, I literally told my girls to “serve face”, and that is exactly what they did! What I love the most about these girls is that they are all very comfortable in their skins. This picture exudes confidence, and “Be You & Be Fierce”! No matter the size or shape, own your style and be bold doing so! Check them out on instagram: @lharris84609, @_therealqueen & @meggsrobin to see more of their styles! 


I had the chance to run into this oh so dapper and stylish guy: @samwhiteout on Instagram. If you don’t know who he is, click the link to find out. He’s probably everyone’s favorite Kappa, and has a unique swagger. Not to mention, he is also a sweetheart! 😍 Go check him out and see if he lives up to those adjectives. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

It is always a pleasure snapping it up with this beauty, and honestly, my favorite Zeta Cynthia. From her kinky crown to her infectious smile, she has to be one of the sweetest and coolest people to grace HU’s campus! Her instagram name says it all @cyn_fullysweet. Click the link to see more of her style! 

Another fly girl who I had to capture was this ball of sunshine, Kelah! Her style is one that I am very fond of. She steps to the beat of her own drums, and promotes others to do so as well. Check her out on instagram: @creay_tb to see more of her style!

Aj from 106 & Park

Of course, Howard Homecoming brings out a plethora of celebrities. Remember the first ever and the very best host of 106 & Park? Yes, Aj minus the Free himself! My friend told him to, “throw up your hook”, and he obliged, giving us some true greek love in one photo! So glad I captured that moment. 

Just to keep the greek love going, I also captured the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi “In My Lens”. Kappas are known to be so smooth, and this picture says it all. Definitely a good look!

From my debate days, I ran into one of my ex-teamates! Always so very stylish, he came to Homecoming to serve per the usual!

Capturing Meagan's Style

When your friends are confident enough to walk their own runways, you have no choice but to join them! My girl Meagan serves classic style and doesn’t care who’s watching.



All in all, it was a great Homecoming season! I don’t think that I could ever be more thankful for college, the awesome people that it brought into my life, and all of the lessons learned to get me to where I’m at today. If you haven’t done so yet, check out the first post, “Reliving Homecoming” to see more of my individual style. Subscribe, like and comment on the posts. Let me know what you think! Thank you for reading! 

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