That’s Not “LadyLike”

“You may write me down in history/With your bitter and twisted lies.” Last night, America almost sat on the right side of history (using almost very lightly), and elected its first female president. However, due to hate, white supremacy (calling an apple an apple), misogyny and a very outdated patriarchal system, our 45th president is yet again, a man! Not to mention a very sexist, racist, xenophobic, and bigot amongst all other things, white man! (Whew! That just knocked this country back 100 plus years)


“Does my sassiness upset you?/Cause I walk like I got oil wells/Pumping in my living room.” First, we have to acknowledge the overarching reason why Hillary Clinton didn’t win this race against someone who can be described with those adjectives. Calling a spade a spade, Hillary didn’t win this race because she is a woman! Before we start to get into how a lot of women didn’t vote for Hillary either, we also need to realize that patriarchy is not a system filled with just men but also women too, who believes in this ass backwards way of thinking that a woman could never hold a title as President of the “Free World”. Hence, the reason the majority of white women without a college degree, who looked like Hillary, voted for the other side. 


“Does my haughtiness offend you?/’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines/Diggin’ in my own backyard”. I watched one elderly white woman in an interview say, “A female has more hormones, she can start a war in 10 seconds.” The interviewer then asked, “Haven’t all wars been started by men?” *inserts stare face emoji* Laughably so, patriarchy has taught the woman to both hate herself and to hate on, while not believing, that someone who looks like her can hold an elite title as President, when so many women who are overqualified for the job have proven so. 


“You may shoot me with your words/You may cut me with your eyes”. For the longest of time, women have been downgraded to: too emotional, too hormonic, too loud (black women), too independent, and too everything else that would prevent them from being able to run a country or even run a corporate company. One of the reasons why so many leaders of corporate are men. Even now in 2016, we see that we have not gotten past those idiotic and ignorant ways of thinking. What is it about the woman that frightens America so much that they would literally decide to choose someone who is blatantly against all things women rights, hell the rights of all minorities, to be their leader? 


“Does my sexiness upset you?” Is it the fact that a woman who is overqualified could have did a much better job as President than a man? Or is it because patriarchy wants to keep telling a woman what she should and should not do, and even years after “Women’s Suffrage”, some women still believes it? In 2016, there should not be one person telling a woman how to be a woman, except for the woman who actually and intelligently understands what womanhood is! I should not be told how to act, how to think, how to carry myself, what to do with my body, or that it’s not “lady-like” to run for President! Any man who thinks otherwise is a coward ass little boy, and any woman who agrees should be ashamed and learn to love herself more. 


Don’t get me wrong, no one saw Hillary Clinton as a savior; however, I would have chosen her and all of her flaws over someone who is a bigot and, not to mention, who is undergoing a rape trial as we speak, to lead this country. I actually just laughed at the irony and the mockery that is America! Maybe I am a bit selfish, but Hillary winning this election would have given hope to the fact that a black woman could one day run for president and win! That is my American dream. Now those hopes, with someone who is solely against women, and even more, black women, in office, has dissipated and is replaced with anger, annoyance and tiredness. 


“Did you want to see me broken?/Bowed head and lowered eyes?” I am tired of walking on egg shells everyday of my life, because I am a woman who is also black. I am tired of having to defend the fact that defining my womanhood is not something that society can do for me! I am tired of being made fun of or belittled, because society thinks that respecting a woman is an option. I am tired of appearing “too sexy” to rapist men who feel the need to exert their manhood over a woman who they deem defenseless. I am most of all, so damn tired of men running a country that I too contribute to and pay taxes in!


“Leaving behind nights of terror and fear/I rise/Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear/I rise!” If and when Trump does take office, I will still be the: “too loud, too independent, too hormonic, too emotional, damn intelligent, ambitious, critical thinking, activist, sexy as ever, and down right righteous woman that I am today! The outcome of this election just taught me that there is so much more that women have to fight for, and even more that black women have to fight against to be granted our seat at the table. If you, by chance, think for a second that Trump winning this race only confirms that you can tell a woman what’s “not ladylike” or what is, then my friend, you are sickly mistaking! How about booking that ideology and turning it into something more productive, like: over the next four years, fighting to get this country to a point where a woman, even a woman of color can run for and win this election a second round! 

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As always, its great talking to you. I hope that you can find the strength to move forward and keep fighting for better days. The hope is to rise up above this system of gender inequality! 

Until next time. 

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I love the strength of black women & I love your phenomenal spirit. Rise up!

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