If I can describe Ms. Issa Rae in three words, they would be “Phenomenal AF”! If you are not familiar with this bombshell, then allow me to inform ya! Do a quick google search of her name, you’ll probably see posts about “Golden Globe Nomination”, attached with other big names such as, “Danny Glover”, “Tracee Ellis Ross”, and so many more! Yes, Issa is that big of a deal! Breaking onto the scene with her hit Youtube series, “The Misadventures of Awrkward Black Girl”, that gained over 25 million views and 200,000 plus subscribers, Issa Rae definitely made a name for herself then and isn’t stopping now! Her new hit HBO series, “Insecure” that tells the raw and uncut stories of two black women who are going through the motions of love, job security, racism and well, being a black woman in society battling insecurities, has again brought to tv what was missing, authenticity. 

As a black woman, I can definitely relate to all of what the characters “Issa” and “Molly” are experiencing, because its so real to a black women’s experience in general. Its so refreshing to see a woman who looks like me, tell my story and get it right without flustering it up or making me look crazy for ratings. Not to mention the fact that our girl is nominated for her very first “Golden Globe”! Talk about the epitome of Black Girl Magic! Issa, every black girl thanks you!

If you haven’t caught the whole season of “Insecure”, do yourself a huge favor and get on it now! You will not want to miss it! Stay tuned, because we will be following Ms. Issa’s journey to the Golden Globes, patiently/impatiently waiting on season 2 of “Insecure” to drop, and rooting for her every step of the way! 

As always, its such a pleasure speaking with each of you! Comment below to let me know which episode of “Insecure” is your favorite. Subscribe and share!

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Photos were taken from Hollywoodreporter.com and XoNecole.com

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